Wordle Addict

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the silence of the midnight hour's embrace,
A digital canvas unfolds, a sacred space.
In the depths of pixels, colors gently blend,
A world of words awaits, my dear Wordle friend.

I am a Wordle addict, unashamedly so,
The allure of letters, an addictive flow.
When daylight wanes, and darkness takes its hold,
I count the minutes until the clock strikes bold.

With each new dawn, a craving takes its flight,
A yearning to unravel hidden words in sight.
In shadows cast by moon and starry skies,
I seek the thrill that in Wordle lies.

A five-letter riddle, a language to unfold,
A journey through words, my mind's respite retold.
The clock strikes twelve, my heart's exultation,
As I plunge again into this wordly sensation.

Each guess, a brushstroke on a lexical canvas,
The hues of triumph, or the shades of sadness.
The moments tick away, my fingers fly,
In this digital dance, time seems to fly.

I ponder and reflect on patterns seen,
From the vast vocabulary, I glean.
With every attempt, I'm drawn deeper still,
In the spell of Wordle, I find my thrill.

But caution whispers softly in my ear,
Balance is key, lest addiction's grip draws near.
For in Wordle's charm, an obsession may reside,
To savor the game, and life's joys coincide.

So I'll wait for midnight, with patience and grace,
To savor the wordplay, my heart's happy place.
In forced moderation, I'll indulge my delight,
A Wordle addict, but in control of my sight.


8/5/24 As I write this I realize it’s past midnight again, so goI must run – Wordle is calling!