Warped and Twisted

Copyright ©1993 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Harsh words and deepest lows
Hidden secrets, nobody knows
The phone is on but the number unlisted
Deep inside I’m WARPED & TWISTED

So many tricks and so many lies
Too many whens and too many whys
I’m not special, I’m not gifted
I’m just me, WARPED & TWISTED

Sleeping awake and choking on a dream
Listening loudly to a silent scream
The demons come ahead and soon are enlisted
Lost in someone so WARPED & TWISTED

On my knees, alive yet dead
Look at the invisible blood I’ve shed
I’m not gone, my mind has drifted
Don’t expect much, I’m WARPED & TWISTED

Burnt out, wasted, empty and hollow
Today is just yesterday’s tomorrow
The stars flamed out, the ashes sifted
I am still me, WARPED & TWISTED

Death, once feared, now I seek
Fighting all enemies now I’m meek
Fighting the tears, my thoughts have shifted
I cry out loud, I’m WARPED & TWISTED

To the psych center, they said I must go
And stay there while I was feeling low
After many days there I finally felt lifted
No longer was I WARPED & TWISTED


Written while an inpatient in the psych unit of Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC.