Uninvited Guest

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In shadows cast, a whisper stirs,
A hushed reveal, life's course now blurs.
Within the depths of self, I find,
A truth that shakes my soul unkind.

A gentle ache, a fleeting pain,
Uninvited guest, no prior refrain.
The clock ticks on, relentless, fast,
Uncertain steps through futures vast.

Denial, like an enveloping cloak,
Protects my heart from truths that choke.
But in the depths of darkest night,
Reality breaks through the light.

A single word, a weighty truth,
"Cancer" spoken, like a noose.
With trembling lips, I face the fear,
And brace myself, the path unclear.

The sands of time now slip away,
A winding journey, day by day. 
Through tearful eyes, I start to see,
The strength that lies inside of me.

In doctor's words, and treatments tried,
I seek a place where hope may hide. 
Through valleys low and mountains high,
I learn to spread my wings and fly.

A guiding hand, the warmth of love,
From friends and family, and God above.
They lift me up, they hold me near,
And in their love, I find my cheer.

Through every struggle, pain, and test,
I strive to find what matters best.
Why me?! I want to shout,
Totally unfair, without a doubt.

Life's fragile thread, a precious gift,
With every moment, hearts uplift.
Through joy and sorrow, I'll endure,
For in this fight, I find my cure.

So let me face this trial's call,
With courage, though I may sometimes fall.
Once more I’ll soar, with hope entwined,
And cherish life, a love refined.

For in the midst of darkest nights,
My strength is a fire that now ignites.
This journey faced, I'll find my way,
Discovering new light every day.


7/20/23 I have known many a cancer victim, some survived, others didn’t. Thankfully, my sister is a survivor. I have written many 
unreleased poems about my sister, but it wasn’t until today that I decided to write a poem based on first learning about a 
cancer diagnosis and the inherent struggles one will face.

A friend just told me today that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt compelled to write a poem, as I do many times 
when I or a friend feels pain and struggles with life’s adversities. It was going to be a simple poem, my usual 4 stanza poem, but 
I kept thinking of more that needed to be added. It has undergone many revisions over the following day.