Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In solitude I dwell, a prisoner's plight,
Confined within these walls, day and night.
A wheelchair ramp now frail, has let me down,
Two weeks of waiting, wearing this frown.

I yearn to roam, to taste the open air,
To feel the sunlight kiss my skin with care.
But here I stay, my dreams held in this page,
Trapped in this house, like a bird in a cage.

The world outside, a tantalizing view,
I ache to join its dance, its vibrant hue.
To roll through nature's embrace once more,
On paths and lawns, like in days of yore.

The expansive azure canvas overhead,
Mocks my limitations, filling me with dread.
Yet hope persists, a flicker in my soul,
For soon the ramp will mend, and I'll be whole.

Until that day, I'll cherish memories dear,
Of outdoor escapades, of landscapes clear.
For even in my cell, I find the strength,
To dream of freedom's taste, its boundless length.

With patience as my ally, I await serene,
While nature's beauty beckons, journeys yet unseen.
Within my heart, the spirit knows no bars,
Despite my confinement, hopes and dreams are stars.


10/3/23 Still wondering when I’ll have an operational
wheelchair ramp and can escape my isolation.