Through the Eyes of Daddy

Copyright ©2007 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Flailing fists and kicking legs, fighting and screaming you came,
Into the light, and life would never be the same.
Through all the turmoil, I saw but one thing,
Beauty and grace, and the Angels did sing.

Throughout your infancy I watched you grow,
Learning to add by counting each toe.
Crawling you learned so readily,
And walking you did so steadily.

You closely listened to the fairy tales,
And worried with each Princess’ travails.
But Queen you became, of the Ants, no less,
Your brilliance amazed me, I must confess.

Through growing pains and the angst of teens,
I watched you become a woman of means.
Learning to live the life of an adult,
Impressed me greatly as a result.

You asked if at you I was mad,
I say, of course not, I am only sad.
That I could not protect you from,
The darkness that came and made you glum.

As trouble and stress have entered your life,
And all around seems nothing but strife.
Please know how I feel, I’ll say it aloud!
Of you, dear daughter, I am ever so proud!

Go forward now, I’ll be there for you,
I’ll do what it takes to see you through
Listen with care to those around,
They know you were lost but now are found.

Because through the eyes of Daddy, always know,
I only see the truth that’s there, your inner glow.
A ray of sunshine so bright and warm,
As to destroy the mightiest, tumultuous storm.


Only one explanatory note. I called my daughter “queen of the ants” because she saw ants in the
kitchen one day. She was fascinated by them following in line picking up something sweet that had
fallen and taking it back outside. Later that day, I found she had put a line of honey all around
the kitchen so she could make the ants go anywhere she wanted them to go. She was about 3 years old.
So cute!