These are Good Things

Copyright ©2022 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Ecstasy when I am with my soulmate.
A bright future has me feeling great.
Getting everything I could possibly need.
Winning the lottery, yes indeed.

These are good things.

Promotions at work and vacations galore.
Satisfying a customer is something I adore.
Recognition for the best job ever.
Being told there are none more clever.

These are good things.

Rampaging monsters in my dream.
A terrified awakening as I scream.
Deepest depression makes me sad.
You slap my face and make me mad.

These are good things.

Telling me how stupid I am.
Falling for another heartless scam.
Disease sends me closer to death.
Perhaps tonight will be my last breath.

These are good thingsā€¦

As fuel for the poet and the words it brings.