The Little Boy Who Cried

Copyright ©2012 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

The little boy came home at the usual time.
After buying the coke for the deposit plus a dime.
His brother met him at the door.
“Let’s go.” He said, “It’s 8:54!”

Keith was his big brother’s name.
Every Saturday at 9 the game was the same.
The little boy felt guilt and shame.
He knew he was the only one to blame.

The game had started four weeks prior.
When they were camping by a fire.
Keith pulled down little Kenny’s pants
And fucked his ass, no matter Kenny’s rants.

Many years did the game continue.
Though several months the games were few.
He changed the rules from time to time.
Little Kenny cried but never knew it was a crime.

The game didn’t stop until Kenny was 16.
Until his parents walked in and the boys were almost seen.
Keith added alcohol to boost his bravado.
Kenny finally found his courage as he shouted, “NO!”

Little Kenny was the boy who cried.
Many times he tried to hide.
By his big brother he was always found.
And warned he’d be beaten if he made a sound.

Alcohol and drugs made it seem okay.
He finally escaped on his 16th birthday.
No longer was he the boy that would cry.
He traded rape for a perpetual high.


The story is true. The names were changed to protect the guilty and the innocent. The older brother
is dead now, but still decided the name change was good.