The Breath of God

Copyright ©2022 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Without the breath of God,
We're nothing but a sack of sod.
Lifelessness from whence we came,
Eternal life should be our life’s aim.

A simple choice that must be made,
Before our body in the ground is laid.
Ignoring this, making no choice at all,
Your future is filled with insects that crawl.

Decomposing, earthly bodies rot,
A heavenly abode, your future has not.
Choosing no option is a still a choice,
Choose Jesus while you still have a voice.

We are so unworthy to live the next life,
We’ve all engaged in sin and strife.
If you think you can simply do good works,
For you there’ll be no heavenly perks.

Just accept Jesus’ atoning sacrifice,
Free is the cost, the asking price.
The only way to see God’s face,
Is acceptance of that amazing grace.

We can never pay the actual cost,
To try, we would remain forever lost.
Our sacrificial Lamb died on the cross,
The wages of sin required this loss.

The Son of Man died horribly that day,
And rose to life; Thank God, I pray.
It’s simple now to choose life over death,
And to enjoy an eternity inhaling God’s breath.


I felt inspired to write this after watching the Easter service at my church, Sunrise Church, in
Chapel Hill NC, as presented by our pastor, Rod Chaney. 4/17/2022.