Thanks for Acorn TV

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In a world of stories, both old and new,
A gift arrived, so thoughtful and true.
A year of tales, a cinematic spree,
On Acorn TV, there are wonders for me.

With gratitude in my heart, I express,
For the gift that brings joy, pure happiness.
A subscription to Acorn TV, a treasure so divine,
Each episode a chapter, a journey, a sign.

From cozy mysteries to dramas so grand,
In the realm of storytelling, I firmly stand.
Thank you for the gift that brightens each day,
A year of adventures in the most delightful way.

With characters bold and plots that entwine,
You've gifted me joy, like a fine aged wine.
Acorn TV's magic, a screen full of delight,
A heartfelt thank you, Pat, for this gift so bright.

As the seasons unfold, and stories weave,
I'll cherish this present, and in you, believe.
So here's to the tales that Acorn TV imparts,
A gift that has truly touched my heart.

In the world of pixels, where stories are spun,
Your kindness and generosity shine like the sun.
Thank you for the year, for the joy it will bring,
With Acorn TV's magic, my heart takes wing.


12/9/2023 I received a year’s subscription to Acorn TV and I wrote this thank you poem. This was
actually a renewal, as I was gifted this last year as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed this