Tears in the Rain

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the falling rain, my tears are unseen,
Silent sorrows blend with the serene.
Amidst the droplets that cloak my pain,
A friend says hi, my happiness I feign.

Silent screams lost in nature's song,
A soul in solitude, where I belong.
In the downpour's rhythm, emotions conceal,
Yearning for the solace my heart may reveal.

Clouds may shroud the anguish within,
A soul's lament, like raindrops, begin.
Will someone perceive the unspoken plea,
Hidden beneath the whispers of this tearful sea?

In the storm's embrace, my tears confide,
A secret dialogue, with emotions to guide.
Will anyone notice, amid nature's domain,
The silent symphony of my tears in the rain?


12/31/23 This poem was simply inspired by watching the rain last week and wondering if anyone would
notice your tears if you were crying in a rainstorm.