Tears Don’t Show

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Tears don't show when sitting in the rain,
A dance of droplets, masking the pain.
Above, the clouds weep their sorrows too,
A symphony of healing, as skies turn blue.

Each raindrop a memory, a silent release,
Emotions and heartaches find gentle peace.
Cleansing the soul, like nature's own grace,
Tears and raindrops interlace and embrace.

A veil of water, a curtain so kind,
Hiding the ache that rests in the mind.
While the world rushes on, unaware,
The rain offers solace, a moment to share.

The torrential rain veils the face with tear-tracks,
Murmuring solace, providing room to relax.
In the cadence of rain, a lullaby's call,
Hearts mend, find strength, and learn to stand tall.

So let the tears mingle with rain's gentle fall,
A secret exchange, witnessed by all.
For in the storm's rhythm, a healing refrain,
Tears find their solace, concealed by the rain.


8/10/23 I was in a melancholy mood sitting outside with Oreo (my cat) when the rain started. The
first line came to me as I was going inside, while wishing my wheelchair moved faster (it’s electric).
The rest of the poem seemed to follow naturally. I decided to release this even though I may add
another couple of verses.