Tears Behind Closed Doors

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Beneath the shroud of night's embrace, concealed,
Where aching hearts and secrets are revealed.
Tears, kept hidden, a silent river flows,
Invisible to the world, as pain bestows.

In solitude's embrace, we let them fall,
Unheard, unseen, we answer sorrow's call.
Masks donned daily, countless forms they take,
Shielding the tears that our hearts ache to break.

But when the world is hushed, and shadows soar,
We confront the anguish at our core.
Tears behind closed doors, a healing grace,
A balm for wounds that time cannot erase.

In isolation, strength begins to grow,
Our silent tears a lifeline, this we know.
For behind closed doors, in the quiet night,
We mend our souls, in the absence of light.


10/19/23 Remembering a time when…