Sobriety's Path

Copyright ©1986, 1995 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the depths of night, a journey starts,
A path less traveled, but true to hearts.
Seek the light, ascend and soar,
Embrace the change, and seek no more.

Lost in haze of wild desires,
The party scene, its fleeting fires,
Seeking the high, but finding despair,
In moments that slipped through fingers bare.

When tempests rage and storms surround,
God’s calming presence shall be found,
In humble prayer, we seek His aid,
To lead us through the sober shade.

From the ash, a phoenix rises,
Soaring with strength, full of surprises.
Through darkest nights, a spark ignites,
A pledge to self, reclaiming rights.

The first step taken, the will embraced,
With every dawn, a new life traced,
Each day a canvas, fresh and bright,
A masterpiece of newfound light.

No longer shackled by the past,
A future painted, free at last,
Through valleys low, and mountains high,
The sober soul learns how to fly.

Temptations whisper, shadows call,
Yet courage stands to never fall,
For in sobriety, strength resides,
A sanctuary where the heart abides.

In moments weak, when cravings call,
God’s sacred touch will gently stall,
With steadfast faith, we shall abide,
In His embrace, serenely tied.

Through trials faced, His love sustains,
In prayer, redemption's path obtains,
For in His mercy, we're restored,
A life of sobriety, a gift adored.

No more the slave to substance's hold,
But dancing freely, pure and bold,
In laughter's arms, and joys untamed,
In sober rapture, souls unchained.

True friendships bloom, like flowers rare,
Their roots run deep, their love to share,
With kindred spirits, souls connect,
In sober bonds, none can neglect.

The party's roar may beckon still,
But in sobriety, there's greater thrill,
In clarity's embrace, we find,
A deeper joy, a peace of mind.

So let us celebrate this quest,
For sobriety, we manifest,
With every passing day, we'll see,
The beauty of our spirit set free.

Never turn from God above,
In prayer, find solace, peace, and love,
For with His grace, we shall succeed,
In sobriety, our hearts are freed.


December 1986. I decided to become sober before the birth of my daughter in 1980. I have faltered
many times and now that we are expecting another child, I must finally stop the foolish choices.
11/14/95 I finally realize that without God, sobriety is an unreachable dream. But with Him, ALL
things are possible. I added some new verses to this poem, bringing God into the equation.