Shadow of Uncertainty

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the shadow of uncertainty, I stand,
Diagnosis heavy, like sinking in quicksand,
But in this moment, under the sun's warm ray,
I'll live for today, come what may.

The cancer's grip may try to hold tight,
But I'll embrace the day, with all my might,
As I look above, the birds take flight,
Over rooftops high, a breathtaking sight.

A gentle breeze, a whisper through the trees,
Reminds me that life is filled with mysteries,
In every rustle of the canopy's embrace,
There's a message, a promise of His grace.

I will live in the now, not in despair,
For God's grace, I know, is always there,
No matter the outcome, the path I tread,
He'll guide my soul, my fears He'll shred.

In the embrace of today, I find my strength,
In the beauty of life, I go to great lengths,
With love and hope, He'll light my way,
For God’ll make everything right, come what may.

So, let the sun shine on my face so bright,
As I cherish the day, the morning light,
In this moment, I'll find my role,
In living for today, healing for my soul.


9/5/23 I was thinking of my cancer diagnosis and feeling  slightly melancholy but looked outside at
the beauty around me, which inspired this poem. I decided to release this poem though I consider it