Serving God My Way

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the realm of pixels and screens, I stand,
A servant of God with a humble hand,
I craft the videos for a higher aim,
To serve the Lord, to glorify His name.

No earthly gain, no fortune do I seek,
In this labor of love, in the hours I tweak,
For the joy I find, in this sacred quest,
Is in serving God, and giving my best.

I ask for no payment, no worldly reward,
My heart is aligned with the Spirit of the Lord,
For I love Sunrise Church, its spirit so grand,
And I love my God, with an outstretched hand.

I splice and cut, I blend and mend,
Each frame and sequence, a message to send,
Not for payment, riches, or worldly praise,
But to glorify God in myriad ways.

Sunrise Church, a beacon in the dawn,
A place where faith and hope are reborn,
I weave their mission into every frame,
In every video, I whisper His name.

For love of God fuels this creative fire,
My passion, devotion, my sole desire,
In service, I find joy that's pure and deep,
A promise I honor, my faith to keep.

I serve not for self, but in love's embrace,
For God, for Sunrise, His boundless grace,
In every frame, His presence does shine,
In every video, His love, divine.

So I'll continue to craft, create and share,
With a heart full of love and a soul laid bare,
In uniquely serving God, I find my way,
A path of purpose, come what may.


9/3/23 We all serve God in our own way. My few skills are conducive to video post-production, so I
am able to take our live stream Sunday services for Sunrise Church in Chapel Hill NC, and publish
them to YouTube for mass consumption. I do NOT do this for expectation or desire for monetary gain.
It is merely a way that I feel I can be useful in serving God and the needs of my church, though in
a miniscule way.