Copyright ©2017 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

My home is a safe place to be,
A sanctuary for my cat and me.
No one invades my quiet space,
A comfortable couch is my favorite place.

Losing myself in a TV show,
My mind relaxes, it doesn’t go.
Boring rote numbs my mind,
Fake peace is what I find.

Spending quality time with my cat,
She brings me a vole, a snake and a rat.
I am her sanctuary, and she is mine,
Unlike people, she won’t cross the line.

But now my life is sanctuary-less,
All that I touch becomes a mess.
Can anyone discern the morbid lie?
My sanctuary is to finally die.

Never will they figure it out,
The docs can’t read me, I have no doubt.
I’ll go home over the hills,
Only to swallow the peace-making pills.

They don’t understand what the next step should be,
Their eyes look at me, but they cannot see.
They don’t get it, that my soul must be free,
That from Mother Earth I must flee.

Their lives won’t be affected by my decision to go,
Just another statistic is what they’ll know.
A day will pass and who will care,
We all learn that life is unfair.