Sam's Cross

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In shadows cast by fears untold,
A friend embarks on a battle so bold.
Breast cancer's grip, a cruel embrace,
Yet strength and love shall find their place.

A double mastectomy draws oh so near,
A path unknown, yet crystal clear.
The dread that lingers, heavy, vast,
As time draws near, the die is cast.

Invisible threads of empathy spun,
Yet in her shoes, we're not as one.
For each heart carries its own weight,
A unique journey, fears innate.

Two hearts embraced by cancer's hold,
Sam confronts surgery, I feel cold.
Amidst the shadows, love will steer,
A constant light, both near and clear.

Time marches on, relentless, sure,
But love's embrace remains the cure.
My prayers and love, a soothing balm,
A testament to a friendship's calm.

Though empathy might bridge the space,
Each journey's marked with its own grace.
May hope and courage interlace,
As my dear friend finds strength to face.

And as the surgery's hour draws near,
May healing light replace the fear.
A simple prayer, but shining bright,
Guiding her through the daunting night.

I'll stand by you, a friend so true,
In times of need, my support anew.
In storm or calm, through thick and thin,
I'll stand by you, and you will win.


8/13/23 In 2 days, my friend undergoes a double mastectomy. I also have a recent cancer diagnosis.
The poem is about offering support, but accepting that all of our journey’s are unique. Sharing one
terrible thing like cancer does not imply understanding another’s journey. Empathy can only go so
far. I wish I had the power to take this from my friend, but I don’t.