Copyright ©1995 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved

I guess you could say that I’ve been around,
For I have lived in many a city and many a town.
I have lived in Georgia, Kentucky, and Colorado Springs,
And many other places where the Humming Bird sings.
I’ve been through Ireland and France, and I’ve seen a lot.

Salem’s got what many places only dream of,
A beautiful thing, a thing called love.
The people here are as friendly as can be,
And I know very well that this is the place for me.
Sometimes people don’t realize how lucky they are,
But I do, for I’ve lived in many places near and far.

You know very well that things aren’t so bad,
So, cheer up, don’t look so sad.
Things are looking brighter every day,
And they’re getting easier every step of the way.
So be proud of what Salem has now,
For some day, we may just take a bow.

From Salem Times-Register newspaper