President Reagan

Copyright ©1981 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Dear President Reagan, I’m on your side,
And whatever you say I’ll be glad to abide.
You do whatever you think is right,
And I’ll stand by your side, I’m ready to fight.
So while you’re making decisions on your own,
I want you to know, you’re not alone.

Sir, you hold the highest office in our land,
And some of your decisions I don’t understand.
But I love this country with my heart and soul,
And I know making it better is your goal.
So you do what you have to do,
And I’ll back you, until you are through.

Some people may think you are wrong,
But be firm and stand strong.
For not everyone will understand,
Your only motive is loving our Great Land.
So do your job, your way,
And I know our country will see a brighter day.

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