If the doctor told me I had one week to live, In one week, how would I live? I often wonder how I would react, To such a horrible fact. First of all, I’d get right with God, For I know that’s the road I should have trod. I’d apologize to a few, And give some explanations that were well past due. I’d tell my parents, “I love you”, Before it was too late to ever do. I’d find all my friends and tell them how great Our friendship’s been, before it’s too late. And I’d find a way to tell them good-bye, Without letting them know I was going to die. I’d tell a few to stay as special as they are, And in this life they’d go far. I’d buy my last hoagie from the Skuzzball Kid, And enjoy it as I always did. I would smile and enjoy life at its peak, If I was going to die in one week.