My Goal, My Dream

Copyright ©1995 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved

I have a goal, my major dream,
And just thinking of it gives me a gleam.
For I want to find a girl to love me,
For me just being me.
And when I do she’ll be mine,
And then I’ll have a glow, a brand new shine.

I’ll treat her like an angel from Heaven above,
And I’ll give her all of my love.
I’ll treat her as special as can be,
And it’ll be a special love for everyone to see.
I’ll always give her tender loving care,
And everything between us, we’ll always share.

It’ll be a relationship that many will envy,
And it’ll be a relationship that’ll always be.
It’ll be a commitment made from the heart,
And it’ll be a relationship where two play a part.
It’ll be a relationship where we both give,
And it’ll be a relationship that’ll always live.