In the World

Copyright ©1976 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved
Printed by permission in the Bethel Baptist Newsletter, Nov 1976.

In the world, where there is so much sin,
It’s an uphill struggle, will you ever win?
You’ll be laughed at and sometimes really hurt,
And there’ll be some that call you dirt.
There will be those who call you square,
And others that scoff at you for not taking a dare.

But when those people turn you away,
You’ll know Jesus is there to stay.
He’ll give you the things that you need,
And he’ll help you to plant that faithful seed.
He’ll help you to spread God’s wonderful love,
Which is as pure and sweet as a white dove.

So my friends, don’t you worry,
For you’ll see God in all His glory.
So let your light shine,
And let it be known that God is divine.
And God will let it be known,
That you are not alone.

From Bethel Baptist Church Bulletin