Copyright ©1995 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved

As Depression begins, my mood sinks low,
It’s a horrible feeling to ever know.
I begin to hurt and then comes the pain,
It’s a feeling of madness that’s driving me insane.
My body and mind and even my soul,
As Depression sets in and takes control.

As it’s taking over, I don’t know what to do,
And I begin to wonder if I can make it thru.
And then it gets worse and I begin to fear,
That the end of time for me is oh so near.
Then I’m consumed and begin to cry,
And I go off alone prepared to Die.

It really gets to me that I lose control,
And it really and truly has taken its toll.
One minute I can be up and the next minute down,
One minute I can smile and the next minute frown.
Sometimes I know why and sometimes not,
But it happens too much, it happens a lot.

Depression can’t tell time or the season of the year,
And it doesn’t know when not to appear.
Depression comes as it pleases night or day,
And often times doesn’t know when to go away.
Depression is a disease that’s hard to endure,
And one that I wish that I knew the cure.

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