A Miracle

Copyright ©1995 Stephan Beckner - All Rights Reserved

When I left home for WWRC, I said good-bye,
With the belief that I’d soon die.
But when I got there I began to see,
How so many people were much worse than me.

I saw people in wheelchairs and one that was blind,
And many disabilities of every kind.
I saw people using canes to be able to walk,
And people using sign language to be able to talk.

I saw people paralyzed in many a way,
And people struggling to live another day.
I saw people without legs and one without an arm,
And people just trying to get along, doing no one harm.

I saw people that were slow, but trying to learn,
And people wanting GED’s they eventually will earn.
I saw people without hands and some without feet,
And some having to struggle just to eat.

I saw people that were doomed to die, learning to live,
And people with nothing, learning to give.
I saw many miracles and now I believe,
That I’ll now be able to fully achieve.

I went up there when I was down,
And now things are beginning to turn around.
Thank you WWRC for showing me I can win,
And I can start living life to the fullest again.