Rusty and Oreo

Copyright ©2014 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

For sixteen years, Rusty was in my life,
During the happy times, and during the strife.
Never would he turn from me,
Nor judge me, hurt me or even ignore me.

Russ was a large golden tabby, green eyes aglow,
From a kitten in the palm of my hand, did he grow.
A formidable adversary to aggressive alpha males,
Unable to run, jump or climb, were his final travails.

As a nap did I take, next to Russ’ loud purr,
There was nothing but coldness when I touched his fur.
Everything was more meaningful, with Russ in my life,
He breathed his last, there was no more strife.

For the love of a cat, my life was more meaningful,
For the pain of that loss, I was an emotional cripple.
Nevermore would I love a feline companion,
I could not face another heart’s assassin.

My daughter and her husband went out to dinner,
When leaving the diner, she found a winner.
A wandering cat came straight to her,
She fell in love with his black and white fur.

She brought him to me, this beautiful cat,
I knew I loved him, with a single pat.
My daughter took one look, and named him Oreo,
I listened for a purr, but there was no audio.

His purr was broken, or so I thought,
Voles and snakes, so many he caught.
He stayed with me when I would walk,
He meowed loudly back when I would talk.

While in the psych center in 2014, I apparently hallucinated Oreo’s
death while in reality he was just fine. I am including the final stanza
as created then, even though it is not true.

Sudden DEATH, was Oreo’s fate,
A car was early, Oreo was late.
A beloved cat was he, now gone forever,
No longer will I pet his black and white fur.