Rod and God

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In Chapel Hill, there dwells a man of God,
Rod Chaney, shepherd with a heart so broad.
For over thirty years, he’s tended to his flock,
With faith unwavering, like solid rock.

In Sunrise Church, where souls find their way,
He guides them through both night and day.
From Old Testament’s ancient, sacred lore,
To New Testament’s grace, forevermore.

He preaches of the cross, where sin was slain,
Where Jesus bore our guilt, and all our pain.
No worldly works can earn a home on high,
But through Christ’s gift, we reach the endless sky.

With passion, Rod imparts the Word divine,
To teach us how in grace, our souls align.
Salvation’s assurance, he makes us see,
In Jesus sacrifice, our souls are set free.

Rod, a shepherd bold, against the tide,
In God’s own truth, he’ll steadfastly abide.
He’ll go against the currents, strong and wide,
Sharing the Bible’s meaning, where none can hide.

In mainstream teachings, or in whispered lore,
Rod’s mission is to open wisdom’s door.
To always guide with what the Scriptures say,
In God’s own light, he’ll lead the righteous way.

Rod once declared, with wisdom to behold,
From churches where the truth is left untold.
If doubts cloak their pastor’s heart and mind,
Seek assured faith, a truth that’s well-defined.

A leader who’s not certain of his grace,
May lead you into a doubtful, treacherous place.
Seek out a shepherd, strong in faith’s embrace,
In their assurance, find your sacred space.

In Sunrise Church, this truth is firmly shared,
Rod is assured of grace, God’s love declared.
For in his certainty, the flock is blessed,
In Christ’s salvation, we find perfect rest.

With care and knowledge, Rod takes his stand,
A faithful shepherd, leading by God’s hand.
In Chapel Hill, his legacy is sown,
A beacon of the faith, brightly shone.

So let us cherish this pastor’s grace,
In Rod Chaney’s teachings, we find our place.
Through Christ’s gift, salvation’s path is paved,
By Rod’s guidance, our souls are truly saved.


9/20/23 I was thinking this morning of my pastor’s recent sermons regarding assurance in salvation.
He said run from any church whose pastor does not have this assurance. He will also go against the
mainstream when God leads him to a proper truth.