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From the depths of despair, I tried to climb,
He stood with me, in a very dark time.
I told him truly, I planned to die,
He didn’t shy away, but asked me why?

He listened intently to my every word,
Then talked with me, every word I heard.
I thought suicide was a mortal sin,
But listening to him, I got a different spin.

He gave me hope with his words of care,
He spoke to God, in a comforting prayer.
Rod saved my life, I have no doubt,
Of his goodness, I wanted to shout.

His sermons are fresh, and with wisdom are ripe,
He deals only in truth, never in hype.
Of controversial subjects, he never shies away,
Of God’s salvation, he knows the way.

He is a good shepherd, and we his loyal flock,
At the door of God’s grace, we need only knock.
Our congregation has won the grandest prize,
For Rod is truly, Sunrise’s sunrise!


Written to honor my pastor, Rod Chaney, on his 60th birthday. The final line references “Sunrise”,
which is the name of our church. References an incident from 2015 at a very dark time in my life.
First 3 stanzas written in 2015, last 2 in 2020.