Oreo, King of Night

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In a coat of ebony and ivory grace,
A tuxedo cat with a timeless face,
Oreo, the king of night,
A symphony of shadows, a mesmerizing sight.

Through all the years, his presence near,
A loyal friend, devoid of fear,
Throughout the Petite Oasis he roams,
Where magic whispers in the twilight zones.

With Beezy, his playful feline mate,
They chase the breeze, their hearts elate,
Through sunlit days and starlit nights,
Dancing with joy, in pure delight.

Oreo, you conquer heights untold,
From treetops grand to rooftops bold,
A master of ascent, your spirit free,
Where the world below becomes a tapestry.

In moonlit hours, you prowl and roam,
Through secret paths, you claim as home,
With eyes that glow like a shining star,
You trace the mysteries, near and far.

In high places, you find your throne,
A ruler reigning all alone,
Yet tender purrs and gentle paw,
Reveal the heart beneath the awe.

Your spirit bright, a guiding spark,
In my soul, you've left your mark,
With every climb and playful spree,
You've taught me how to live carefree.

So, here's to Oreo, my cherished friend,
A guardian of joy until the end,
In black and white, you've woven love,
A feline blessing from above.


7/22/23 It’s hard to believe Oreo is 12 years old. The poem tells it all. He has the most carefree
personality I’ve known. The only note: the Petite Oasis is the aptly named apartment complex where I