Noah's Faith

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In ages past, a man named Noah stood,
A vessel of faith, his heart steadfast and good.
Amidst a world consumed by sin's dark tide,
He found grace in God's eyes, where hope did reside.

A humble servant, righteous and just,
Noah heard the Creator's voice, in Him placed his trust.
"Build an ark," the divine command was clear,
To save all life from a flood drawing near.

With unwavering purpose, he set to the task,
Guided by faith, no questions did he ask.
Gathering creatures, two by two they came,
Under Noah's care, sheltered from the flood's claim.

Rain poured from the heavens, the waters did rise,
But the ark floated safely, beneath the tumultuous skies.
Forty days and nights, the world washed anew,
Noah and his kin witnessed God's promise come true.

Upon dry land, the ark finally found rest,
Noah stepped forth, his heart truly blessed.
An altar he built, a gesture of gratitude and praise,
For God's mercy and love that guided their ways.

Noah's life a testament of courage and hope,
In a world of chaos, his faith helped him cope.
Through trials and waters that threatened to part,
He clung to God's promise, a beacon in his heart.

So let us remember this tale of old,
Noah's journey of faith, his story untold.
A reminder that in life's storms, we can endure,
With unwavering faith, and a heart that's pure.


8/30/23 Another poem about a Biblical figure. I was reminded of the faith of Noah in a recent sermon
by my pastor, Rod Chaney.