Neuropathy, Unwelcomed Enemy

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In a world of shadows, pain, and night,
I navigate a life that's lost its light,
Peripheral neuropathy, cruel and unkind,
Steals my sleep, leaves solace behind.

Just two hours in the darkness I find,
Then I'm stirred, awakened, my peace undermined,
My leg is gone, a chair's my abode,
Oreo, my loving cat, by my side, he strode.

In solitude I ponder, a heart heavy with strife,
Sometimes I question the purpose of life,
Yet, I understand I must endure, until God dictates,
That my sojourn here concludes, and my liberty awaits.

No pills or potions to soothe the ache,
Only prayer, my solace, the dawn I await,
While there are still obligations and tasks to achieve,
Within God's sacred design, I'm a fragment of His tapestry.

Though I'm bound to this chair, with each rising sun's grace,
I'm still useful, I find my own place,
In this world, with its trials, I'll continue to fight,
With faith, love, and Oreo, I'll embrace the night.


10/19/23 Another night totally lost to my enemy, neuropathy.