My New Computer

Copyright ©1978 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In a world anew, where silicon dreams unfold,
Behold the marvel, the TRS-80, bold.
With keys that clack beneath eager fingertips,
A digital odyssey, reality trips.

In its monochrome glow, a universe awakes,
Each line of code, a future it makes.
From its humble abode of plastic and wire,
Emerges a beacon for the tech-inspired.

Memory measured in kilobytes, so grand,
Holds worlds within, at your command.
Basic in language, yet limitless in thought,
In its circuitry, imagination is caught.

No more the realm of fantasy and lore,
The TRS-80 opens the computational door.
Behold, a wonder in gray and black,
A pioneer leading the digital pack.

With every beep and binary song it sings,
Unfolds the future on electronic wings.
In this brave new world that it does create,
The TRS-80, truly, is first-rate.

So marvel now at this machine so bright,
A star in the tech-sky, shining light.
A testament to human ingenuity and might,
The TRS-80, a dawn in the computer night.


1/20/2024 I wrote the poem on my “new” computer in 1978 and saved it to cassette. The following
blurb is from my journal entry that day.

12/18/1978 The loan went through and I finally got my new computer. It is the 16K model with a 32K
expansion interface. It has a cassette player for long term storage but I also got 2 5.25” floppy
disk drives. I upgraded the keyboard to include the numeric keypad. The monitor is black and white
but there is already talk about a color version some day soon. I also have a line printer. This
opens a world of possibilities.