My Lost Son

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In shadows of despair, my heart lies torn,
For my dear son, lost and forlorn.
He sought redemption, in rehab's embrace,
Yet the demons within, he couldn't erase.

Thirty days passed, a hopeful gleam,
But now he's vanished, like a fading dream.
Into the abyss, he wandered away,
Chasing the drugs that lead him astray.

My tears are rivers, flowing with dread,
Haunted by fears, filling my head.
Will he return, will he survive,
Or fall victim to the poison, barely alive?

I prayed for healing, for a brand-new start,
But addiction's chains have gripped his heart.
He denies the help he desperately needs,
Bound by addiction's cruel misdeeds.

I see his smile, a memory so clear,
A vibrant soul, now drowned in fear.
The demons lure, with promises grand,
But I fear he'll perish in their cruel command.

Oh, how I long to hold him near,
To guide him through darkness, dry each tear.
But addiction's grasp is a relentless fight,
A constant battle, day and night.

I'm haunted by thoughts of a tragic end,
Of finding him lifeless, my heart cannot mend.
I beg the heavens for another chance,
To save my son from this deadly dance.

In this painful journey, I'll never relent,
To find him, to save him, I'm determined, hell-bent.
With love as my shield and hope as my guide,
I'll search for my son, never letting him hide.

For those who stumble in the depths of despair,
May they find solace, tender love, and care.
May healing embrace them with arms open wide,
And lead them to a life on sobriety's tide.


8/5/24 Last night I heard about a friend whose son left rehab after a month and disappeared,
presumably back into the drugs that own his life at this time. I know the feeling of a child gone
without knowing anything about where they are and what they are doing, the fear that they could be
dead from an overdose. It is a tragedy for the son, but no less so for those who love him. Worse for
the loved ones in that they cannot make the decision for the child to stop the destructive choices.