My Coffee Ritual

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the early dawn, as sunbeams gently creep,
My day begins with a ritual sweet and deep.
Two cups of coffee, a cherished delight,
Brewed with Keurig pods at morning's first light.

The first cup, a dark roast, bold and strong,
Its aroma dances, as I hum along.
Rich and robust, it awakens my soul,
With every sip, I feel more in control.

The flavor bursts forth, a symphony of taste,
A cherished moment, not to be in haste.
As I savor the essence, so dark and divine,
I embrace the day, with a heart that's aligned.

But the journey continues, for a second cup awaits,
A tale of flavors, where delight emanates.
Blueberry vanilla, a sweet fruit's embrace,
Twirling with coffee, in a dance of grace.

The aroma swirls, like a berry-laden breeze,
An enchanting blend, a sip that can appease.
A whisper of vanilla, a touch of delight,
In every drop, a pure symphony of flight.

Sometimes it’s butter toffee, a caramel embrace,
As the coffee sings with a luscious pace.
Velvet notes of sweetness, like a buttery dream,
My taste buds awaken, in a fanciful stream.

With every cup, a new chapter unfolds,
A tale of flavors, a story to be told.
Through mornings serene, they accompany me,
My two cups of coffee, my companions, you see.

So raise your mugs, let's celebrate this blend,
A ritual cherished, a journey without end.
In coffee's warmth, let our spirits ignite,
With every morning, our souls take flight.


8/3/24 As I was making my second cup of coffee this morning, I decided my daily coffee ritual
deserved a poem. Not all poems need to be profound. Just a little fun today.