Copyright ©2020 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In ancient lands where legends roamed,
A tale unfolds, of greatness sown,
Of one whose destiny was foretold,
Moses, the shepherd, God made bold.

Born amidst oppression's cruel snare,
In Egypt's realm of opulence rare,
A Hebrew babe, the Pharaoh's fear,
In a papyrus ark, his fate was clear.

Set adrift upon the Nile's embrace,
God's guiding hand watched over the trace,
By Pharaoh's daughter, he was found,
A gift of destiny, now renowned.

Raised amongst Egypt's royal hall,
In wealth and splendor, he stood tall,
Yet, a yearning soul, he could not ignore,
The plight of slaves, oppressed and poor.

In anger's blaze, he struck a man,
The price of justice, his life's ban,
A fugitive from the palace grand,
To Midian's desert, he sought the sand.

Amidst the wilderness, he found solace,
A shepherd's life, a humbler promise,
But God had grander plans in mind,
A call divine, he couldn't decline.

Within a bush of flames ablaze,
The voice of God spoke words to raise,
"Go, Moses, go to Egypt's shore,
Lead my people, forevermore."

With trepidation and staff in hand,
Moses returned to his native land,
Before the Pharaoh, he'd stand tall,
To plead for freedom, he'd risk it all.

The plagues descended, darkness veiled,
The Nile turned blood, the firstborn wailed,
But Pharaoh's heart remained ensnared,
Refusing Moses' plea declared.

Until finally, the fateful night,
When death would pass with dreadful might,
Upon each home where blood was spread,
The Hebrews marked, the firstborn fled.

With trembling heart, Pharaoh's will broke,
The Hebrew people, he finally spoke,
"Go, depart, and find your way,
But not a moment do you delay."

Amidst the desert, they did tread,
Through trials and tribulations led,
Moses' faith remained steadfast,
God's guidance, a beacon unsurpassed.

Through parted seas and manna's grace,
A covenant made, in stone's embrace,
On Sinai's mount, commandments etched,
Moses became the law's perfect fetch.

Forty years they roamed the land,
A journey grand, a testament grand,
Yet, Moses knew he'd never see,
The Promised Land, where hearts were free.

Upon Nebo's peak, he gazed afar,
A land of milk and honey's charm,
But God's decree, he must comply,
His earthly journey, drawing nigh.

In a kiss of wind, a soul set free,
Moses departed, eternity to see,
A prophet, leader, forever renowned,
His legacy, in hearts, profound.

So, let us heed the lessons told,
In Moses' life, a saga bold,
Of faith, compassion, and strength untold,
In every generation, his story unfolds.