Mortality's Whisper

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In days that followed my colon's view,
A call arrived, news to imbue.
My doctor's voice, a cautious tone,
Expect the cancer center’s call, an unfamiliar zone.

Two days had passed since the scope's embrace,
A ring, then a message set the pace.
"Expect a call," the words did say,
From cancer's door, a shadow's play.

From slumber's hold, I did emerge,
A missed call seen, my heart did surge.
The cancer center's name was displayed,
A hard knot formed, emotions swayed.

Within that pit, deep in my core,
Dread and concern began to pour.
Thoughts raced wild, an untamed steed,
Cancer's scorching touch, a dire creed.

Mortality's whisper, stark and near,
A specter's touch, death's presence clear.
Arrangements made for my feline friend,
My will updated, worlds to mend.

Yet in the midst of fear's cruel art,
A solace found, a balm for the heart.
I turned to words, to verses pure,
Poetry's grace, a path to endure.

With pen in hand, emotions bled,
The ink a channel, where thoughts spread.
Each line a catharsis, a healing song,
In verses, I found the strength to prolong.

So let the cancer center call,
Its shadow heavy, its grip may fall.
For in my words, I find my might,
A way to navigate the darkest night.

In poetry's embrace, I stand,
A warrior, with pen in hand.
Facing the unknown, I rise above,
A testament to the power of love.


8/11/23 The poem tells it all. There is a sudden awakening to reality when you get the cancer center's call.