Loneliness is Freedom

Copyright ©2016 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the Emergency Room, loneliness began
So many thoughts through my mind, they ran
Thoughts knowing that Death lurks here
You see it on the face adorned with a tear

I hear the wailing sobs of the father as his daughter dies
Next we see the daughters lose both parents with inconsolable cries
“When will Mommy come home?” “Never, my son,” the father gulps a sob
The killings continue from gangster to gangster and mob to mob

Each is alone as lone can be
From loneliness one can never flee
I exist in a sea of humanity
Alone behind a door without a key

The tear becomes an unstoppable flood
Then sores open up, spilling blood
Without blood, life cannot be
If life is gone, we all are free