Living Water

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

At Jacob's well, 'neath the sun's warm embrace,
A meeting divine, two souls face to face.
Jesus, the Savior, weary from the way,
Sat by the well, where quenching waters lay.

A Samaritan woman, a life burdened with sin,
Approached the well, with an empty jar within.
Unaware of the grace soon to befall her heart,
She came for water, a world torn apart.

"Give me a drink," the Savior kindly implored,
Breaking a barrier others had ignored.
For Jews and Samaritans, a chasm too wide,
But Jesus saw deeper, a soul to be untied.

"Why do you ask of me?" she questioned, amazed,
"For Jews and Samaritans, such divides are raised."
With a gentle smile, He replied in calm grace,
"You'd seek living water, a gift, in this place."

The woman inquired, "Sir, you have no jar or pail,
This well is deep, and your request may fail."
But Jesus spoke of water, not from the earth's keep,
A living water, eternal, profound, and deep.

"Whoever drinks from this well," the Savior explained,
"Shall thirst again, for its waters are strained.
But the water I offer, a wellspring within,
Shall quench your soul's thirst, and cleanse you of sin."

Her heart stirred by these words, she sought to perceive,
The truth that He offered, a grace to believe.
"Sir, give me this water," she earnestly pled,
"Where I'll thirst no more, and my soul shall be fed."

With gentle compassion, He bared her past deeds,
"Go call your husband," He tenderly pleads.
She faltered and answered, her secrets laid bare,
"I have no husband," her pain in the air.

"You speak truth," said Jesus, with compassionate eyes,
"Five husbands you've known, life's tumultuous ties.
And the man by your side now, not wed in the light,
But these hidden deeds, I bring into the sight."

Astounded, she saw He discerned all her strife,
A prophet divine, who'd revealed her past life.
She pondered His words, her heart now laid bare,
Could this be the Messiah, God's love to declare?

Their dialogue continued, a spiritual quest,
A thirst for salvation, a longing for rest.
To her townsmen she hastened, this tale to unveil,
Of a Savior at the well, where her faith set sail.

"Come see a man who knows all I've done,
Could He be the Christ, God's anointed One?
He offered me water, a wellspring divine,
A living water, forever to shine."

The Samaritans gathered, curious and bold,
To hear of this Savior, this story retold.
And in Jesus, they found what their hearts truly sought,
The living water, salvation, redemption, all taught.

At Jacob's well, 'neath the sun's warm embrace,
Two lives intertwined, by God's wondrous grace.
The Samaritan woman, transformed by His flame,
For Jesus, her Savior, forever acclaimed.


9/13/23 Based on a recent sermon, we revisit the story in the gospel of John about the meeting at the well of Jesus and
the Samaritan woman. Of course, I take poetic license in my paraphrasing. There is more to the story, such as
the disciples shock at finding Jesus with the woman, etc. Read John 4:1-45.