Copyright ©2015 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

As she walked in the room, I fell in love,
An angelic black beauty, from Heaven above.
Quietly, warmly, she snuggled next to me,
For those few moments, I was free.

During our time together, no sound did she make,
I knew when she left, my heart would ache.
I embraced her soul, as she embraced mine,
I looked at her tail, knowing all was fine.

I knew for sure she wouldn’t want me sad,
Those ten minutes were some of the best I’d had.
Black labs are great pets, and healers as well,
Even though we hear the toll of the death knell.

Kylie is my new forever friend,
That she could touch your heart, I’d highly recommend.
One can never rebuke,
The paws from “Paws at Duke”.


I was a patient in the cancer ward at Duke Hospital in 2015. They had this program where one of
several dogs for “Paws at Duke” would come and lay on the bed with you for 10-15 minutes. I thought
it was a wonderful program and enjoyed my visit with Kylie.