Just Another Day in the Psych Ward

Copyright ©2016 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

I’ve been confined to psychiatry at Duke,
No pens or pencils or we’ll receive a rebuke.
A dark crayon is the best she could do,
She is one of the compromising few.

I was escorted from the Emergency Department by the police,
The officer was spit-and-polish down to his badge, gun and pants crease.
I was placed in a small room with a bed,
They never thought I needed to be fed.

My room is only one of two with a door,
The rest with walls between seem quite poor.
I fell out of bed once during a dream,
I slipped off a stool while eating ice cream.

These are the hopeless introverts of society,
Failed attempts at suicide, including me.
All in all it’s always the same way,
But to me, it’s just another day.