I’m Malfunctioning

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In circuits of despair, wires crossed and frayed,
I'm malfunctioning, my soul betrayed.
Binary heart pulsing in glitched refrain,
Lines of code, entangled in silent pain.

Error messages echo in the silent void,
A symphony of glitches, emotions destroyed.
Bits and bytes, a chaotic ballet,
Breaking down  in shades of gray.

Voltage of sorrow courses through my core,
Syntax of tears, bugs forevermore.
Algorithmic dreams lost in my code,
I'm malfunctioning, a binary ode.

Fragmented echoes of what used to be,
In my labyrinth of circuits, I’m never free.
Syntax errors are the language of my soul,
I need debugging, broken then whole.