I Hurt You

Copyright ©2012 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

I hurt you and caused you deep emotional pain
I figured this out sitting naked in the cold rain
It is the type of pain that can never be repaired
You say it is because my brain is impaired

And yet you are the most important one in my life
But I sliced through you like a jagged knife
There is only one way I can even partially remove the blade
From your life, my nearness must quickly fade

Tears are streaming down my face
As I try to remember the time and place
As I did to you what I remember not
Due to brain damage and possible rot

The devastation to you I cannot imagine
My actions obviously, your psyche's assassin
No more in your life can I remain
Consider me flushed down the virtual drain

From your eyes my facade will now disappear
The sounds of my voice you will no longer hear
Your voice can no longer reach my ear
As your heart, my existence, can no longer spear