Horrific Beauty

Copyright ©1976 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

Beauty and Love she was to me,
All things angelic, I did see.
An eternity together was all we could be,
Our souls intertwined and we were set free.

There is beauty in life

Our lives were always filled with sunshine,
Never did we need to complain or whine.
Her smile to me made everything fine,
I knew doubtlessly, her heart was mine.

There is beauty in life

Her touch on my hand and I would melt,
Heavy with passion, it’s how I felt.
I was blessed with this, the hand I was dealt,
We were lashed together, as with a belt

There is beauty in life

Sixteen was the number that raped her that day,
The number of souls whose pallor was gray.
There seemed no answer as to God she did pray,
But never once did she lose her way.

There is horror in life


This was written about 2 weeks after finding out about the rape and murder of my girlfriend.