Hope of the Hurricanes 2023-2024

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the land where the Hurricanes roar,
With dreams of victory, we will soar.
A season of hope, in our hearts it's clear,
Carolina Hurricanes, this is your year.

Beneath the stormy skies, we unite,
With optimism burning bright.
On frozen battles, we'll embark,
With the Hurricanes, we'll leave our mark.

In the rink's embrace, we'll stand tall,
Defying odds, giving it our all.
Graceful skating, and passion set aflame,
In pursuit of victory, we stake our claim.

From Aho, our leader, with puck-handling grace,
He'll lead the charge, setting the pace,
With a sniper's aim, and a heart full of fire,
In the Hurricanes' journey, he will inspire.

Svechnikov, the young star, with hands so deft,
His goals and assists, a scoring theft,
With creativity, he'll light up the ice,
In every game, he'll pay the price.

On defense, Pesce, with his stalwart might,
Blocking shots, keeping opponents out of sight,
A guardian on the blue line, solid and true,
For the Hurricanes' defense, there's none like you.

And our captain, Staal, with leadership's grace,
In every battle, he'll set the pace,
With heart and soul, he'll rally the crew,
In the Hurricanes' quest, he'll see it through.

Coach Brind'Amour, with wisdom profound,
Guiding our team, his leadership renowned,
In every strategy, in every play,
He'll lead us onward, come what may.

Our goaltender's courage, unshaken and true,
Guarding the net with a heart true blue.
In the storm's eye, he'll stand his ground,
In the Hurricanes' quest, he will astound.

Through highs and lows, we'll stay the course,
Facing each challenge with unwavering force.
In the face of adversity, we'll rise above,
For the Carolina Hurricanes, we're bound by love.

Now, let the season commence, hope in the breeze,
Hurricanes' loyal fans, with hearts at ease.
In solidarity, we'll endure any hurricane's squall,
For our team's triumph, we'll give it our all.

In this upcoming season, we'll dare to dream,
Our Carolina Hurricanes, a formidable team.
Hope as our compass, passion as our guide,
Chasing the Stanley Cup, our spirits open wide.


9/18/23 A new season ahead with hopes (and a real chance!) of a Standly Cup!