Golden Rule or Else

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In a world where kindness reigns supreme,
The golden rule, a timeless theme.
Treat others as you wish to be,
A path to joy and unity.

With empathy, the heart aligned,
A golden thread, compassion entwined.
Harmony blooms in every deed,
A garden of goodwill, planted seed.

In moments dark, a guiding light,
The rule of gold, a beacon bright.
Respect bestowed, a ripple's start,
A symphony of love, a work of art.

No room for hate, in hearts so pure,
The golden rule, a gentle cure.
For in each act, a mirror's grace,
Reflecting kindness, face to face.

When hearts neglect the rule so gold,
Bitter seeds in darkness sowed.
A world where empathy is decayed,
Discord blooms, compassion is frayed.

In shadows cast by selfish might,
Kindness dwindles, out of sight.
The fabric of society tears,
A consequence of callous cares.

No mercy in a heart so cold,
Without the rule, compassion is sold.
A fractured world, divided seams,
Where empathy becomes lost dreams.

In absence of the golden guide,
Conflict reigns, compassion denied.
A chilling wind of discord blows,
Where understanding seldom grows.

So heed the call of golden lore,
For in its absence, troubles soar.
Embrace the rule with open heart,
And let compassion play its part.


1/4/2024 Just thinking today that the golden rule is lost in the world of today. There is no more
peace, all is a fray. We need to be one with the gold again. Hallelujah and amen.