Glad You Were Born

Copyright ©2022 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

“No thanks,” you said, and this is a quote,
When asked to listen to a poem I wrote.
I realized your attitude was rather ho hum,
When asked to listen to my newest poem.

But since this one is written especially for you,
You must listen, all the way through.
It’s okay to celebrate the day of your birth,
For you are a man of inestimable worth.

The words I write to celebrate you,
Are limited in scope, but very true.
“Safe” is the first word I heard you say,
As Petite Oasis became my daughter’s first home away.

“Welcome” was the word you used to greet me,
When you invited me to live here and be carefree.
You never wavered when you gave your word,
And helped me when my thoughts were absurd.

“Honorable”, “ethical”, “honest”, “thoughtful”, “caring”,
“Compassionate”, “generous”, “understanding”, “benevolent”, “sharing”.
These are just a few of the words that describe you,
Finished now, no more words will I spew!

My favorite word for you encompasses all I have penned,
You are truly the epitome of that word, “friend”.
Happy Birthday, my friend, and many more,
And I promise no more poetry that you didn’t ask for!


Most of this poem was written during the last week of May, 2022, in my feeble attempt to honor a man
on his 87th birthday, a man who defines all that is best in mankind. I had gotten a notice from my
calendar on May 23 of his upcoming birthday and started putting down some thoughts. The last stanza
was written on the eve of his passing (he passed from this world June 2, 2022).