Ghostly Possession

Copyright ©2024 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In shadows deep, for a century and a half,
I've lingered, a ghost, a spectral epitaph.
Through the ebb of time, my essence roamed,
A phantom lost, a spirit disowned.

A dive bar's haze, a realm of the forgotten,
In the dim-lit corners, my presence begotten.
With a whispering wind, I seized a chance,
To possess a soul, a fleeting dance.

Through veils of mist, I entered the vessel,
A body to wear, a cloak to nestle.
A transient warmth, a borrowed breath,
I felt alive after my long, silent death.

In the dive bar's clamor, I found my voice,
A fusion of spirits, a haunting choice.
I navigate the human maze anew,
A dance of shadows, a spectral debut.

I taste the liquid fire, a mortal's delight,
Sipping memories in the neon light.
Ephemeral laughter, a joyous refrain,
Yet I yearn for the echoes of my ghostly domain.

The jukebox croons with a spectral melody,
A ballad of memories lost at sea.
I wade through the crowd, a phantom in flesh,
An amalgamation of life and death.

The possessed vessel stirs, a hint of confusion,
Caught in the crossfire of spectral intrusion.
Do they feel my presence, this borrowed soul?
Or is my takeover, their conscious control?

In the dive bar's mirror, I catch a glimpse,
A reflection marred by a spectral imp.
I wear the face of a long-lost past,
A ghostly illusion, a spell that won't last.

I linger in conversations, a silent observer,
A ghost in the crowd, a quiet preserver.
Yet, in this borrowed body, I seek a connection,
A bridge between worlds, a spectral intersection.

As dawn approaches, my possession will wane,
Back to the shadows, to my spectral domain.
But for now, in this dive bar's embrace,
I'll dance with mortals, a ghost in human grace.


1/8/2024 I saw a post on Facebook that got me to really thinking. So I stepped away from my usual
poetry and considered the post a challenge. The post was from @AubrynMusic. The post said “POV: you
ve been a ghost for 150 years. You have just possessed someone in a dive bar. What do you do first?”
This poem is the result of that. I had fun!