Friendship Unwanted

Copyright ©2023 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In friendship’s delicate dance, I’ve erred,
I’ve missed the hints your silence declared.
Too eager, too close, like an open book,
Now I step back, a second, closer look.

I offered friendship, sincere and true,
Invading your space, not heeding the clue.
Many times I crossed the line, it seems,
So now I’ll honor your silent dreams.

No more unwelcome verses, I’ll spare,
I’m learning to respect, to be aware.
Your privacy is a treasure to protect,
I’ll try to remember, try to reflect.

In the tapestry of friendship, perhaps we’ll renew,
I’m here when needed, your friend, it’s true.
I’ll try to respect, with boundaries clear,
Being ever mindful, your solitude to revere.


10/14/23 Have you ever simply not gotten the hint? Sometimes my friendship can be over-the-top. And
I don’t tak hints very well. It is best just to tell me to back off.