End of Pain

Copyright ©2024 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In a realm where shadows dwell, 
Pain wove its silent spell,
A soul once bright, now dimmed with strife,
Wandered through the maze of life.

A lifetime etched in lines of sorrow,
Days of anguish, no bright morrow.
In the mirror of time, a fading trace,
Of a heart burdened by life’s embrace.

Yet, amidst this somber, weary scene,
A spark of hope, faint, unseen.
Glimmers of joy, like stars at night,
Piercing the dark, with gentle light.

A smile emerged, quiet, serene,
Illuminating realms beyond, unseen.
In that instant, pain's long reign,
Met its end, I joyously exclaim.

Frozen tears, like crystal shards,
Reflecting life's unspoken cards.
A symbol of battles, quietly won,
Under the ever-wandering sun.

For in that smile, so bravely worn,
Lay the triumph of a spirit reborn.
A journey through pain, now at its close,
In a smile, serenity's final repose.


1/19/2024 I picture myself in that final repose, smiling in the knowledge that a lifetime of pain is
finally over. Just a melancholy view of dealing with pain. It was cathartic to write. The digital
painting is meant to show the walk through the maze of life and the view of life that transcends our
mortal existence. For those who have followed my poetry, book and art, you know the face awaiting
after the maze. For everyone else, it can be anyone who awaits you on the other side.