Don't Fear the Different

Copyright ©2024 John Wm Beckner - All Rights Reserved

In the garden of humanity, diversity blooms,
A tapestry woven with unique looms.
Yet, in our hearts, a flaw resides,
A penchant for judgment that often divides.

We claim acceptance, preach love so true,
Yet falter when faced with a different hue.
In the mirror of likeness, we seek our reflection,
And shun the unfamiliar, fearing rejection.

The irony of our supposed grace,
A society that's quick to embrace,
Only those who dance to our familiar song,
Forgetting that differences make us strong.

When others stray from our familiar lane,
We cast them out, causing endless pain.
Ridicule echoes through the hollow air,
Intolerance poisoning what we know is fair.

But let us pause, reflect, and see,
The beauty in diversity, the tapestry.
For in our differences, a strength is found,
A symphony of voices, a harmonious sound.

For when we open our hearts and minds wide,
The walls of prejudice begin to slide.
In the dance of life, let kindness prevail,
And watch as unity and love set sail.


1/3/24 The idea for this poem came from my pastor’s last sermon, but especially a story he read by
author Brené Brown about not being clique-ish. It’s okay to be different.