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The most beautiful jewel in all the land,
The sparkling diamond is truly grand.
Diamond is my nurse's name,
And like the jewel, her heart's aflame.

My broken body is my curse,
Caring for me is my angelic nurse. 
The care she shows is best by far,
Truly she’s a shining star.

No matter how bad her day,
To me kind words she will say.
She brightens my day with her smile,
She'll always go the extra mile.

True compassion is so rare,
She's the answer to my unspoken prayer.
She understands when I’m in pain,
Knowing I sometimes feel insane.

Her focus is fully on me,
Until this hospital I can finally flee.
And another in need takes my place,
Getting all of Diamond’s grace.


I was in the hospital towards the end of 2019 with a E Coli infection. This was a little poem about
Diamond, my nurse (yes, that was her real name). She was having a lot of personal issues but took
care of me in an exemplary fashion.